4 Benefits of Booking a Mobile Massage in Las Vegas With Tranquil

Tranquil delivers the massage to you!

The only thing required of you is to set the appointment and we’ll take care of everything else. We bring the table, supplies, and music. Once we arrive, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your massage in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

What are the Benefits of Booking a Mobile Massage?

1. Convenience – Sometimes you just don’t feel like driving to a spa to receive a massage in Las Vegas and driving back home. Booking a home massage will eliminate this problem and allow you to relax and save time.

2. Familiarity – Receiving an on-demand massage in a familiar setting will make it easier for you to relax and enjoy all of the benefits that an in-home massage has to offer.

3. Save Money – Going to an upscale spa on the Las Vegas Strip can be expensive and time-consuming. Booking a mobile massage can save you money, and you still get a spa-quality experience.

4. More Table Time – You get the time you pay for when you book a home massage. For example, if you book an hour massage, you will get an hour on the table! If you go to a high-end spa, most likely, you will not get the full hour. You will only get 50 minutes on the table, need we say more?


In-Home Massage Services Offered by TranquilI

Woman getting an in-home massage in Las Vegas

Swedish Massage – Swedish massage is one of the most popular in-home massage techniques in Las Vegas. It is a fluid relaxing massage that alleviates stress. During your Swedish massage at home, your therapist will use a combination of long gliding strokes and kneading to increase blood circulation and release tension.

Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue massage is a highly requested in-room massage technique by Las Vegas locals and tourist. It is great for easing ongoing muscular tension. During your deep tissue massage, your therapist will focus more on the deeper layers of your muscles to release knots and aches throughout your body.

Complimentary Extras

• Hot Towels

• Aromatherapy Enhanced Treatment

It’s your time to relax. Book a massage in Las Vegas with Tranquil today!