Deep Tissue Massage Guide

A female mobile massage therapist giving a man a deep tissue massage in Las Vegas

Looking for the best deep tissue massage in Las Vegas? Was the treatment recommended by an immediate family member, or perhaps you saw an advertisement on the streets? Whatever it may be, let us better understand the fascinating history of this therapeutic process and why it remains one of the most effective measures against a wide variety of bodily ailments.


History of Deep Tissue Massage

Historically, the ancient Egyptians were documented to have been the first people to experiment with deep tissue massage. Pharaohs and royal priests were believed to have received a unique, luxurious massage from their servants, which was proven to improve blood pressure through loosening stiffness in their ligaments and joints.

The modern-day version of deep tissue massage comes from Canada, where residents must cope with freezing temperatures all year round. The constant exposure to the relentless frost caused a slew of physical pains through rheumatism, arthritis and many muscle-related issues, which inspired local Canadian physicians to come up with a revolutionary massage that would target the adhesions found in the deep tissues of the body that caused pain, inflammation and even restricted healthy blood flow when left untreated.

What Are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage?

Although deep tissue massage was originally meant to assist with rehabilitating the injuries of athletes, the technique has gone on to offer amazing benefits to anyone and everyone. The massage is believed to support blood circulation by targeting areas in the body that are currently exhibiting poor blood flow. Blood circulation may be difficult to keep track of due its lack of symptoms, which can be as subtle as fatigue. However, a deep tissue massage therapist can quickly identify and soothe your pressure points, which stimulates the cycle of blood flow. Additionally, a thorough massage can help release trapped lymph fluid, which takes away harmful metabolic wastes from your tissues and organs.


Deep tissue massage can also relieve serious migraines and headaches that are caused by tensions in the body. A licensed Las Vegas massage therapist can help unclog the tensions at the root of the problem and restore you to your stress-free and confident self. As such, deep tissue massage may be ideal for busy individuals in who face tons of stress situations every day.

Most importantly though, deep tissue massage targets chronic physical pains and inconveniences in your body, such as severe spasms, muscular tension, mobility issues, lumbar ache, arthritis, and much more.

The power of deep tissue massage is so effective and far-reaching within the body that you may be able to feel the physical improvements within a few sessions of therapy.

What Techniques Will Be Used During the Massage?

A woman getting a deep tissue mobile massage from her mobile massage therapist

As with most other massage techniques, there should be minimal discomfort such as stiffness or soreness at the end of your session as your body is relieved of tension in the ligaments, joints and sinews. However, feel free to inform your therapist anytime during the massage if a technique is starting to hurt, so that he/she can come up with an alternative method to alleviate pain in the area.

Most deep tissue massage professionals will recommend that you drink lots of water a day after massage, which will help to flush out the lactic acid that has been unclogged from the issues in your body. But of course, drinking copious amounts of water may not eliminate pain altogether since the massage is after all, a physical process.

Side Effects & Contraindications

A woman discussing the side effects and contraindications of deep tissue mobile massage with her doctor

Unfortunately, deep tissue massage is not suitable for everyone. People who have been diagnosed with thrombosis should steer clear from the massage unless given the green light by their healthcare practitioner as the therapy might dislodge their blot clots, which may be life-threatening.The massage is also not recommended for people who are still recovering from medical procedures such as chemotherapy or surgery as their bodies may still be in the healing phase and susceptible to injury due to the physical nature of the massage.

Deep tissue massage should also be avoided in recently bruised, lacerated, scarred or contused regions of the body to avoid aggravating the injured tissues within the sensitive area, which can worsen the damage. It is important to inform your massage therapist of any injuries before a session.

Pregnant individuals should consult with their specialist before going for a deep tissue massage. Some places offer the services of massage therapist who are specially trained in serving maternity cases, so always check thoroughly before deciding on a session.

Regardless of existing health conditions, deep tissue massage has been known to cause bruising for some individuals.
There are many other health conditions that might cause complications during deep tissue massage since the techniques exert forceful tension upon the deep regions of the body that usually go unnoticed. Hence, it is important to inform your healthcare practitioner about your interest in deep tissue massage to ensure that you are physically cleared prior to the massage.

Deep tissue massage is an incredible alternative treatment for bodily aches and physical pains, but it should always be approached responsibly. Ultimately, when it boils down to massage therapies, there is no reason to feel pain, aches or suffer in order to prove its results.

Always maintain open communication with your therapist and healthcare provider to ensure that your massage experience is risk-free and effective.