Tranquility for Two: What Is a Couples Massage, and What Are the Benefits?

The massage industry is growing quickly. More people than ever are learning about self-care and the effects of stress, and so they’re taking the necessary steps to induce physical relaxation.

But did you know that you can get a couples massage? The perfect day could be you and your partner relaxing together.

Las Vegas can be an exciting place, but it can also come with high stakes, stress, and tension. So if you live in the city or are visiting with your significant other, why not get a great couples massage in Las Vegas to alleviate it?

Or perhaps you decided to go a little further west — out to Los Angeles. The hot weather and night life might have left you a little tense. A couples massage in Los Angeles is a good idea as well.

Either way, this article will walk you through all you need to know about getting the best couples massages in these two cities.

The Benefits of a Massage

Silhouette of a woman from Las Vegas at the park in Los Angeles experiencing mental and physical well-being after getting a mobile massage

People don’t just get massages to relax. Massage therapy can help with the effects of many different conditions — both mental and physical.

It’s not uncommon for people to go get massages to relieve muscle spasms in specific parts of their body that can be caused by stress — so in a way, the relaxation does help. But it also goes deeper than that.

Many people get massages for general inflammation, chronic pain, injuries and even arthritis. As long as, you tell your massage therapist what you have, they’ll work around your limitations and give you the best experience possible. They need to go through 

expert training to get their license after all.

In fact, 88 percent of people who go to massage therapists report lower levels of pain.

Massage has also shown to be effective in helping out with issues involving digestion. Tense muscles can block up other functions in your body. People also go for massages and report lower levels of insomnia.

Also, massage can help clear up depression and anxiety symptoms in the short term. A lot of the time, physical and mental symptoms can get into a vicious cycle. Your depression causes you to tense up, which in turn causes more depression, etc.

Deep Tissue Massage

An in-home female massage therapist from Las Vegas is getting a deep-tissue mobile massage while on vacation in Los Angeles

Deep tissue massage is a particularly intense form of massage which is best for treating pain. It might be painful in the moment, but digging down into your deepest layers of muscle is key to relieving muscle tension.
People report nerve pain being eased as well — tense muscles often pull on nerves.

Deep massage techniques like deep tissue massage are often used by massage therapists to help people recover from injuries.

Swedish Massage

A business woman from Los Angeles getting Swedish mobile in hotel room on the Las Vegas strip

Swedish massage is a softer massage, great for beginners. Because it’s not as physically intense, it’s great for relaxation and those suffering from mental stress symptoms.

Your joints are also moved around for you, warming you up for physical activity.

Sports Massage

An in-home female massage therapist giving a female athlete from Las Vegas a mobile massage in her hotel room in downtown Los Angeles

Sports massage focuses specifically on one part of the body. The target is injuries. While it might be less holistic and experiential than the above massage types, there’s no doubt of its efficiency when it comes to treating specific problems.

Sports massages are not just for athletes. Those with very physical jobs might also have injuries in a specific area that they want to take care of.

Couples Massage

A couple visiting Los Angeles from Las Vegas enjoying a mobile massage for couples at their vacation home in Beverly Hills

A couples massage is a massage that you get while in the same room as another person. During a couples massage, both massage therapists start the massage at the same time, and use the same techniques, working in tandem. It’s a great way to feel connected to your partner, because you’re feeling the same thing at the same time.

Couples massages are often noted for their increased sense of intimacy. The lights are low, and the ambience is high. You’ll have a similar experience to talk about once you leave the massage table, and be in similar states of relaxation.

In addition, the experience often doesn’t start in the massage room, with many relaxing opportunities to be enjoyed before to warm your body up.

At Tranquil, We offer a discount to anyone who books a massage with us for the first time.

If you’re a couple that’s inclined to eating and living healthy, a couples massage could be a great way to spend a date without having to consume unhealthy food. Eating might be the classic way to go out on a date, but sharing a relaxing experience can be just as amazing!

While it’s often a great experience to get the same massage, you can vary it up if you want. At the end of the day, it’s all about your experience and making you feel your best, so feel free to ask for anything that you want.

Keep in mind that couples massages aren’t just for those in romantic relationships.

With just a simple switch in context, you can have your massage with a close friend or a family member. Mother-daughter massages are very common, and are a great way to bond with a child or parent.

Couples Massage in Las Vegas or Los Angeles

A couple from Los Angeles that moved to Las Vegas getting an in-home couples massage with hot stones at their home in Summerlin

As you can see, getting a great couples massage in Las Vegas or LA is perfect for anyone who wants to reduce stress and pain. On top of this, it’s a great way to enjoy a day off.

For more information on a booking a mobile massage for two, contact us today.